CBS 48 Hours Mystery: Screenplay for Murder

EDMONTON — The Mark Twitchell “Dexter killer” story will get another treatment on American TV this weekend with CBS 48 Hours Mystery expected to broadcast its “Screenplay for Murder” episode.

A producer for the true crime documentary series sat in on the murder trial but waited until now to finally air the show’s take on the filmmaker convicted of luring and murdering a stranger, Johnny Altinger, in a plot that replicated parts of the Dexter TV series.

Here’s a preview:

The CBS 48 Hours Mystery episode is expected to run on Saturday, February 11 at 10pm (ET/PT).

Dateline NBC has previously run a two-hour special on Mark Twitchell — titled “Deadly House of Cards” — while ABC 20/20 and CBC’s the fifth estate (“Murder, He Wrote”) have also covered the case extensively.

My non-fiction book on the case, The Devil’s Cinema, will be released across North America on March 27.

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