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The Fifth Estate: Murder, He Wrote

EDMONTON — The fifth estate’s “Murder, He Wrote” has been posted online for those who missed the episode on the Mark Twitchell “Dexter” case and trial.

The full episode is about 45 minutes (without ad breaks) and it was narrated by the CBC’s Bob McKeown.

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Murder, He Wrote? Another take on Twitchell

EDMONTON — The CBC’s the fifth estate is running “Murder, He Wrote,” its version of the Mark Twitchell “Dexter” case and trial, tonight on television.

The program will be repeated over the weekend as well.

And for those who are interested in this case, my forthcoming true crime book, The Devil’s Cinema, is now available for pre-order (hardcover and eBook):

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The book will be released across Canada and the USA in February.

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