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The Devil’s Cinema: Redux

MELBOURNE — The waiting is over for the paperback edition of The Devil’s Cinema, my non-fiction narrative on the Mark Twitchell “Dexter Killer” case, with the first copies arriving in bookstores all across North America.

This is such an exciting time to see The Devil’s Cinema released once again.

Well, I’m having to enjoy it from afar, since I returned to my home in Melbourne, Australia at the end of the original book tour. I can only imagine what those Canadian and American bookstores are looking like right now.

Since the first edition release I’ve been amazed at how this story continues to fascinate readers from around the world. I’ve received e-mails from Vancouver and Toronto, from Los Angeles, across the Midwest, in Australia, and more. (Feel free to keep sending in questions and I’ll try to post answers here.)

Despite the great run the book has had thus far, there are still so many more readers out there who are yet to discover it. Perhaps they have a friend who just heard about it, or they may recall reading something in the newspaper about the case. This is the exciting part: knowing the book is out there and someone is moments away from discovering it for the first time.

The paperback edition is also a chance for the publisher to share some of the latest book reviews — and to finally reveal an endorsement from fellow journalist and author Stevie Cameron: “A shocking story, rich with detail and full of surprises.”

It’s a great honour and thrill to have her both read and praise my work.

She knows from first-hand experience the difficulties in researching and writing a true crime story. Thankfully, my chosen tale did not turn into a multi-year legal hurdle like hers did.

At least, not yet.

This week also brings further news on the case to be revealed on television, but I’ll have to share more on that later.

Paperback copies of The Devil’s Cinema should be stocked at any good bookstore.

(Also available through many online retailers, and as an eBook.)

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The Question of Mark Twitchell …

MELBOURNE — One of the best questions from the audience at my Melbourne talk on The Devil’s Cinema and the “Dexter Killer” case involved my direct contact with Mark Twitchell.

“How did your interaction with him change the scope of your book, and how would the book have been different without his participation?” one reader asked.

I think this question strikes at the very core of what I was hoping to achieve: a narrative that peered deep into the minds of everyone involved.

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One Night at the Devil’s Cinema

MELBOURNE — I’ve often been asked if there will ever be a movie made about the “Dexter Killer” case and its main subject, Mark Twitchell.

I do find this question quite fascinating.

The story is essentially about a series of novels that becomes a TV show, that inspired a filmmaker’s horror movie script, which later became reality — and was then all told in The Devil’s Cinema from the point-of-view of the detectives, the victims and the killer.

So should there be a movie about this whole book-TV-film-murder-book scenario? What a hall of mirrors!

Hmmm. Tough question. But I do know there is interest in such an idea.

Those who have read the book already know how Errol Morris had links to the case, and how the killer himself had come up with his own fantasy casting ideas (he once told me I’m supposed to be played by Edward Norton).

But truthfully, I personally haven’t given it much thought.

I’m having my first book event here in Melbourne in just over a week, however, and I may just talk about such a possible film project in more detail.

So if you’re in the city, come on down to Readings Hawthorn on Monday, Sept. 24th and feel free to ask anything.

I’ll try my best to answer.

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