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Magnotta’s Hollywood links

MELBOURNE — Police are investigating murder-suspect Luka Magnotta’s possible links to a cold case involving the celebrated Hollywood sign, pushing this strange crime story into another country of interest.

This development, reported by ABC and the Toronto Sun, will surely explode commentary on social media even more than is occurring right now. (Update: LA police later downplayed any connection between the two crimes.)

It is astonishing how we are linked to this case through social media, just how we were with the Mark Twitchell case and trial. I first heard of this case via Twitter and have been getting regular updates as much through Facebook as I am through reading the newspaper, and my own research.

I’m continuing to write more on this topic, too, including a CNN op-ed piece discussing our  “sick fascination with a death video.”

Seems to have struck a chord with a lot of people.

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